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Pyrography is a fascinating art form involving the burning of a picture onto wood. Millions of tiny strokes are made into the wood with a tiny red hot blade creating an incrediably realistic look of fur. I have always enjoyed sketching but pencil work always felt like it was the preparation for something more. Acrylic paint can be combined with pyrography to create a more colorful variation. I am improving my talent with acrylics, The addition of even just a little white to add highlights can make a big difference in the attractiveness of a picture.
I hope you enjoy my site. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for improvement, please contact me. If you contact me through this e-mail address provided here I can sell you an item directly. If you contact me through eBay or I must sell them to you via those sites. I use PayPal so I can usually invoice you and ship in the same day as your purchase.
God Bless,
Dianne Augustine



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In Progress:



Tigers are being sold piece by piece into extinction. I am creating this piece of fine art to donate half of the proceeds via an eBay auction to which is a branch of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.







Just Completed:






Standing Wolf





This handsome fellow is now finished. This wolf was created from a photo provided by Sue Walters. This is where you can download this photo and other FREE STUFF:



After doing some of the leaves, I thought, why not add some green to his eyes. I just got carried away from there!



Esmeralda - My favorite cat.




Resting Wolf on white pine plaque.




This is one of my latest pieces. It is not yet coated with polyurethane. The bonus to not rushing to put the clear coat on for several days is that it remains changeable. I have made the changes I planned on making to this piece. He looks much better. I may list him on I will wait for some feed back from my family before clear coating.



My Grandson Blake - a first portrait




This is the first portrait I have ever finished! I had started several but never had the patience to keep with it until I completed. I have two children with ADHD. While I have never been diagnosed, I likely have ADD. Finishing things having never been a strong point for me. Yet pyrography holds my attention better over pencil creating or anything else for that matter. What can I say? I have caught the bug. I have spent so much time working on this site this weekend I am in a downright anxious state! I want to get back to burning.



My Daughter Ally -
My Second Portrait




This was done on a white pine plaque I picked up at WalMart. It is much too soft for pyrography portraits. The pen tips wanted to dig into the wood far to often and it was also a bit damp. Occassionally the moisture would cause my pen tip to flare. (Light up like a match.) That was very startling the first time it happened. The moisture was also a problem in trying to achieve an even tone while shading. It is interesting how I can spot little imperfections once I get a project posted here. I realized I needed to go back and lighten the creases under her eyes. This has since been done.



Owl with Acrylic Paint




This owl was done as a lesson from Sue Walter's Pyrography Workbook. I am not exactly pleased with the results. This is due more to my thick head rather that her teaching ability. Say Sue, what exactly is a dry brush anyway? How about a Guide to Pyrography and Paint for Dummies? It is interesting to say the least. As I stated before, I am liking monochrome more and more. However, certain individuals such as my mother and youngest daughter like subjects which I think do poorly as monochrome works. For example, hummingbirds and butterflies! Perhaps this is God's way of pushing me to become more comfortable with paint?



My son Frankie requested I make a tiger for him.




This was done on an oak slice, trimmed by God in bark. This tiger was created from a Sue Walters pattern. I love using patterns because I spend less time sketching and a lot more burning!



I did this one for my Mom's birthday.
I am willing to create your own personal piece.


This is an acrylic only on paper I did last year.
My youngest has requested a butterfly for herself!



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Many pieces look great in a frame.
Others look natural in the tree's own bark.



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One Pearl Bank Residential


This reference photo for luxury condo was provided by


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I accept bank transfers, credit cards and checks via Paypal. You may send money orders via snail mail to: P.O. Box 408, Olustee, OK 73560


Like to make a purchase? Tell me what you are wanting to buy in an e-mail and your mailing address. I will send a PayPal invoice with a shipping quote the same day. Get in touch with me at:




This was created for a friend who loves wolves. It was not yet clear coated when I scanned it. The polyurethane helps to bring out the wood grain and preserve the piece. Pyrography can fade if exposed to sunlight over a period of time.



 Sue Walters!
As I was looking at my site today, I remembered how I discovered pyrography. It was serendipity really. I had done some scroll saw work and Christmas ornaments during December. I was looking for more books and came across Sue Walter's WORKBOOK on PYROGRAPHY. I glanced through it, thinking well, that might be fun but where the heck would I find one of those tools? Well, it was a seed planted. I was at WalMart in their craft section looking for something. Low and behold, there was a wood burning tool from Walnut Hallow,  the cheap little $10 unit. I bought one and went back and picked up Sue's WORKBOOK. I have been hooked since. It is just a shame I didn't find this 10 years ago. Sue, thanks again!
Dianne Augustine
You can find a link to Sue's web site at the bottom of the page. Yes, that means you will need to scroll down through my art work first, there is method to my madness!



Reference Photo by Treasure At Tampines HWZ


Treasure At Tampines HWZ


Reference Photo for Blake




Reference Photo for Wood Duck



A reference photograph for this piece can be viewed at:
When this piece sells, my photographer friend will recieve a commission. I pray that any one who is also inspired by a photograph to create a work of art would contact that photographer and reach a similar arrangement. Our fellow artists whether they create with a camera or a brush need to eat too!


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