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Adorable Chipmunk Mini Wall Plaque or Christmas Tree Decoration. Double sided, this original work measures 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches.




Side One - Keep in mind even though the images on each side are created from the same sketch, images will not appear identical. 1. The nature of wood is to have darker areas close to the central core of the trunk. 2. There are obvious variations from one side to the other with any piece of wood. 3. Wood often splits as it drys. 4. If God doesn't create wood identical from one side to the other, I who can not possibly live up to His standards will not be able to create an exact copy.




Mr. Solar Flare on poplar 12" x 6" x 1/2"




This is a pattern from L. Irish. He is interesting don't you think? I thought it would be a good practice piece for all of the long curved lines. I am thinking of trimming the edges in a brown rope. If I used my router to cut a half circle groove along the sides, it would give the rope a good seat. I will add on a couple of dollars to cover my time, the rope, router bit and glue cost, once the trim has been added. 



Wood Duck on Oak Slice  - With Acrylic Paint.
$44.95 with $9.95 shipping and handling to anywhere in the U.S this work is yours!




 I did a second wood duck because I wanted to see how he would look with acrylic. I did not like my first attempt with acrylics.(See the owl on first page.) Yet this one I like. I thinned the paint with water a great deal and applied several coats where needed especially the black areas. This piece has not yet been coat with polyurethane. It will be done tomorrow. This piece is for sale on as well.



Wood Duck on Oak Slice  - Monochrome $24.95; shipping within the U.S. $9.95.




I cranked this baby out from about 5 pm to midnight. I actually started it while I was finishing my web site. I worked about 5 minutes while a photo was downloading. Then I went back to the computer and did the next step. He looks mighty spiffy if I say so myself. I think the rippling in the water came out alright. I was worried as to whether the rippling of the reflection would be enough to portray the water below him. I got my fill of smoke in my eyes and lungs for one evening. I really need to pick up a small fan!



A Young Eagle Closeup on oak plywood. This was the second piece I've done on wood. It is available for sale with out the frame for $14.95 with the frame $29.95. Shipping without the frame $9.95 within the U.S. $14.95 with the frame.




The frame really helps to accentuate the bird's form. 



This Bobcat was my first piece on any type of wood. It is done on a piece of oak plywood. It was created from an original sketch.




Bobcats are native to Oklahoma. I have sighted several. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera with me.



I am happy to create a piece just for you! Send a photo of your loved one, family member, friend or pet. Chose the natural wood slice or a plaque style. Also, up to two lines of text can be added as a memento or memorial to any person or pet where space allows. 




Side Two



Giraffe on Poplar (From the Neck Up!) $14.95 Shipping with in the U.S. $4.95



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